How to Help If Your Teenager is Depressed

As children growing into their teen years, they experience a roller coaster of emotions. It is hard for parents to know how to deal with constant mood changing. However, there are signs that tell your teenager is depressed.

Step One

Look out for symptoms such as withdrawal, loss of interest in hanging out with friends or doing things that they used to love to do, irritable, angry outbursts, and rapid weight change.

Step Two

Offer love and understanding when you have to deal with their angry outbursts for no apparent reason. Say: “I love you and understand that you are going through a hard time right now. Whenever you are ready to talk, I will be right here!”

Step Three

Communication is the only way to connect with them. Ask your teenager often if they want to share what bothers them. As parents, our main purpose is to lower the stress level in their life.

Step Four

Be patient, and listen! This is the skill that has to be developed quickly. At this time, when you know that your child is depressed, avoid telling them what to do all the time! Give them breathing room.

Step Five

If your teenager is not getting better after you’ve tried everything, it is time to get professional help. Depression can be treated.


  • Talk to your pediatrician
  • Allow your child to make some decisions
  • If he/she makes a mistake, explain in detail how to avoid it in the future
  • Be honest and open to your child suggestions
  • Don’t try to live your life through your child
  • Don’t force your child to like what you like

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