Find Your Passion from Within

Some people know exactly what they want to do for their life, while others struggle to find their own inner voice. Often, that passion takes longer time to surface. If you are still looking for that voice, here is a list of questions you can ask yourself.

Step One

What makes you happy?

I am happier when I can sit down to write, even just a couple of verses of poem that pop in my head from nowhere, or researching for a topic that I want to write about. If I unable to do that, I feel very frustrated.

Step Two

When you have the urge to do something, what is it that you run to first?

If you have this feeling like you rather do something else than the task at hand, you have not find your true passion yet. It is the inner voice that urges you to listen to.

Step Three

What help you relaxed?

I feel relaxed and focus when I sit down to write. Whatever worries I have, seem to take the back burner. While writing, I do not think about the troubles awaiting for me. I just feel like to create.

Step Four

What makes you feel proud when looking at finished product?

Realized that thing happens for a reason. Take my friend for an example: She was laid off for five months now, and can’t find another job even though she had went on many interviews. She tuned in to her passion of making clay pins. She said she was happy to have this chance to do what she likes. She is now selling her pins at the art and craft shows around our county, and could be more please to make a living with her creativity.

Tune into your intuition, and passion, then grab the opportunity that present to you.

Step Five

What would you do for free? If you could answer this question in a heart beat, then you know your passion.

For me, I would write for free. Since writing and seeing my work published make me feel good about, I had many poems and short stories published for free in different magazine.

Remember, if you have a passion within, it will try to come out. You just have to learn to recognize it when it surfaces. Do what you love, and everything else will fall into place.


  • Pay attention to your intuition
  • Listen to that tugging feelings in your hear
  • Open yourself to the universe
  • Recognize your opportunity
  • Take a chance at what you want to do
  • Try it, whatever it is

About IcyBC

A simple person with a pragmatic soul!
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2 Responses to Find Your Passion from Within

  1. These are great questions and wonderful examples of answers. Although, it is going to take a little work on me- I am so mixed up. smiles.

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