She Dreams

P1120314-she dreams

She Dreams

Her ears tune in to the words that sounded just so wrong, and her mind screams silently to find the sort of understanding in its reason.

“I don’t like to ask for help from the children that have partners, because they would say bad things about it. You are different; you have no husband!”

Racing inside her brain are thousands thought. That is so wrong! That is screwy! That doesn’t justify anything. A single mother with millions things to do, all by herself. No financial help, physical help or emotional support but it is fine to put more duties on her. She doesn’t understand this declaration.

She opens her mouth and then shut tight! What to say! What to say! How to feel!

How to explain that those who have partners should be the one that taking on some responsibilities. After the running around they still have someone to rely on. Someone to help them with a bit of that or bit of this. A single mother has more than enough on her plate, juggling everything on her own, working to put bits and pieces together.

How to shine the light into the darkness?
How to make things clearer?
How to change someone’s thinking or conviction?

So, she closes her eyes and dreams! A dream of escape! A dream of a different world far far away!

She dreams of sunshine! She dreams of kisses from the ocean wind! She dreams to disappear among the warm sand on a beach, somewhere beyond the horizon.

She dreams!


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A simple person with a pragmatic soul!
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