A Tangled Mess

A Tangled Mess

A Tangled Mess

She crawled, step by step, like a baby to her bedroom upstairs. Her ankles feel like they were slowly puffing up; and her lower back suffers a sharp pain shooting across her waist.

God bless it! She said in her head!

Does mother knows how hard her life is already, dealing with a body that can only be functioned at half of a normal person’s capacity?

How much is too much?

All of those positive quotes that she has seeked out only help for a while; and then her mind fell back in a tangled mess!

No way out! No ending in sight!

A cross is too heavy to carry on a half body!

Does mother knows? And if she knows why is it that her wants can’t be subsided?

Somewhere out there in the world, the sun is shining and everybody else is living a normal life without a burden added.

God bless it! She thought and continue crawling to the top of the stair case landing…God bless it!

It was meant to be! It was meant to be!


About IcyBC

A simple person with a pragmatic soul!
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