Good Night Moon

Good Night Moon

Good Night Moon

Good night Moon was written by Margaret Wise Brown and was the first book that my oldest son fell in love with when he was only 8 months old. I had to read it like 20 times a day, and carry the book with us wherever we went such as the playground, grocery store, or to the beach.

Repetition is good for brain development, and creates such a beautiful memory in my life. I remembered line by line and my son too, repeating word by word with such joy.

Children usually grab on to something that they hold dear, such as having a security blanket or their pacifier. Good Night Moon was my son’s best friend for years.

The book was published in 1947, and was illustrated by Clement Hurd. Good Night Moon is one of the most popular and best acclaimed bedtime story ever. This book also sets the beginning of my love affair with children books!

I came across this video, and the memory rushing back:

Do you read this book to your child/children?


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