Are You Guilty?

Complimentary Items

Complimentary Items

Sure, you are, admitted! I am as guilty as charge too! When I left a hotel room, I usually took all the little shampoo bottle, conditioning, and lotion; if they had a pleasant smell. Not that I don’t have all of these necessaries at home, but it is for a different reason such as “when I travel”.

I think the hotel expected this also as these complimentary items are not expensive brand name or of great value! The only thing I don’t understand is why we do it. Is it the thrill? Is it the frugality side of us to not waste? Is it because we want to stretch the money that we’ve paid for our room?

In the movie “As Good As It Gets”, when Carol was leaving the hotel room, she cleaned out the entire complimentary items as well, and I always have to laugh at this part. She reminds me of me! She is portraying many of us! The everyday and normal people!

I haven’t been anywhere in the last three years, so I haven’t wiping out any hotel room since. Upon cleaning up my bathroom’s drawers, I found these items. They were not actually from the hotel room; they were samples from the store that my daughter worked at. She also brought home different lip gloss, perfume, make-up, and other knick knacks that I finally had to throw out.


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