Carrying On the Load

P1190053-carrying on the load

It has been a long week! A productive week overall!

My goal is to work on the blogs, yup, blogs-4 blogs total! If you read my About Page, you will know that I have an overly active brain, with a pragmatic soul, in an overwhelming world.

I think I am numbed to all the bad luck, unfortunate events, and the demanding of life to the point where I don’t really care anymore.

I just want to find a solution to the problem, and be done with it.

Worries only get me physically sick!

Complaining, whining, or “bitching” brings me nothing either.

I am in it all by myself and it’s up to me to do it. Forget about dreams! Forget about working on a dream!

The day has only 24 hours! I am up for 20 hours out of that 24! I have only 2 hands and in my hands I have other lives depending on me!

Is it cynical? Is it twisted? The electrons in my brain has somewhat turn off…

Joining Friday Fragments!


About IcyBC

A simple person with a pragmatic soul!
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6 Responses to Carrying On the Load

  1. I hope you find some time to unwind over the weekend and my goodness you and me both need to sleep more than 4 hours a night. I do this all the time and it is NOT good.

  2. Wow.. 4 blogs… I have a hard enough time keeping up with one

  3. I struggle to keep up with just the one blog and a half- bb. But you are the master my dear.

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