Passing Thoughts

P1130145-passing thoughtsI watched my 87 years old mother’s body deteriorating right in front of my eyes, and feel so bad about it that there is nothing I can do to give her the youthfulness of life back to her.

She still has so much hunger for life, so determine to live, and wants to be able to do more, traveling more, but she also realizes that she is getting weaker physically even though her mind won’t accept the fact that human body can only last for so long.

My mother, I admit, is quite a remarkable woman with her thirst for life!


I called WOW cable to switch over from Comcast to save some money. My Comcast bill went way over $140 dollars a month for very basic services since the promotional price I signed up 6 months ago expired. I am able to bring my monthly bill down to under $75.

To save even more money, I went out to buy a new modem as the old one my brother gave me was no longer compatible with today high tech. This device alone will save me more than $60 dollars a year, and the new modem was only $75 at WalMart!

Hopefully, I’ve made a right decision, and all the changes will take place today!


Life is always changing and I have to find ways to make the best out of it! In the back of head, I’m afraid about making decision and making changes. It numbed me sometimes, and I procrastinated in the process of stepping forward, but in the end I still have to be the one that have to make a decision; carry on the load!

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6 Responses to Passing Thoughts

  1. rosemary says:

    good for you, researching ways to upgrade and save $$$

  2. Dawn says:

    Cable and technology today can be so overwhelming sometimes. Its hard to know what to do. If i had my way we’d drop cable but the hubby is addicted. Have a great weekend!

  3. Mrs4444 says:

    Our moms have a lot in common. Mine is 84 and just got a new hip that’s given her a new lease on life. She’s going to need it, because I think she may live to be 100!

    I feel the same way Dawn does about cable. I hate payiing that bill!

    Thanks for linking up. Have a great week!

    • IcyBC says:

      Thanks for coming by! I’ve tried to leave comment on your post, but you’re using Disqus form, which I have no access to nor want to sign up for yet another account; I’m sorry about that!

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