Random Thoughts

White Butterfly

White Butterfly

1) We had two straight days without any kind of soccer practice or game, and it feels good not rushing to make dinner, get dinner, or running back and forth.

2) Mama seems a bit strange these past two weeks; she doesn’t talk much anymore! She reads and prays with her little book that dad had before he left for heaven. One day she mentioned that she wanted to adopt an orphanage child so she won’t be so lonely, and then one day she asked if there is someone who speaks our language (Vietnamese) that could come to the house to help her.

If you know my mother, quiet is not one of her traits!

3) My daughter came home over the weekend for a short visit! She now lives in Chicago, a busy city  that is very unfriendly for physically handicap people like me to feel comfortable visiting.

4) My point and shoot camera, Lumix ZS19, has me almost in tears nowadays! There are dust balls on the inside of the lens sensor so every photo has a black dot on it! I hate Panasonic cameras!!!Why make a camera that dust could get to the inside?

5) I am almost half-way done reposting the old posts from Bubblews onto Pragmatic Soul. I will be so happy when this process is done!

Joining Nancy for Random 5 Friday!


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20 Responses to Random Thoughts

  1. ladyfi says:

    THat butterfly image is lovely.

  2. It’s difficult to see our parents to through these changes, isn’t it?
    Love your photo today — beautiful colors and edit.

  3. Snap says:

    Gorgeous butterfly. Your edits are lovely. It is hard to watch our parents going through the changes we all must face.

  4. Maggid says:

    Gorgeous Photograph!

    is there a place you can visit that will remove the dust? That sounds frustrating . . . . there must be a remedy for this problem . . right?

    Chicago!!! I hope you decide to visit anyway – there’s so much cool stuff there . . . you’d return home inspired (and, glad to be home.) – Bet they have a camera shop willing and able to fix your Lumix?????

    Happy Friday!

    • IcyBC says:

      The camera shops don’t want to take the time to do this timid work on a point and shoot camera for little charge. They rather I buy a new one.

      I watched a YouTube video on how to clean it..Got almost half-way to it, and now stuck 😦

      Thank you for your kind words and concern!

  5. Hootin' Ann says:

    That’s sad…your 2nd random thought. I feel for you and your family, deeply, on this.

    I’m new to Random 5 this week, and thought I’d try and get the gist of it all by paying you a visit!! Happy weekend.

  6. Amy says:

    Yay to a quiet evening!! We have a bye weekend for soccer this week (and between practices and games we are normally 5 days a week)! I’m just giddy about having a quiet weekend!! 🙂

  7. I like the texture you used on the butterfly. Can your camera be professionally cleaned?

  8. Sirpa says:

    What a beautiful butterfly!!

  9. latane says:

    When there are spots on my camera shots it is usually because I touched it. I am so bad about that. I hope you can get the dust out of yours.

    • IcyBC says:

      I will try my best to figure out how to clean it..for now, I’m frustrated!

      BTW-I can’t find your blog from your gravatar 😦 So sorry I can’t visit!

  10. Rose says:

    I can just imagine how good it feels to have a free day…I mean I have plenty now. But I remember when times were busy.

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