Open Heart

P1190576-fameI have been the main care taker for my mom two years already, but my being and what I do seemed to be non-existing!

Is it a hurtful feeling when in front of me and many others, my mom gave all the credit to the person that paid for her stuffs from another State?

You bet, it’s a torture! The first time I heard it, I wiped it off thinking that the person deserved to be mentioned for the money that was spent fixing the things. However, all the ideas were mine! I suggested all the little things to get fixed!

Since I didn’t pay the money for the fixing, I was pretty doing nothing, not even running back and forth three days straight to tell the handy people what to do and made sure they were done right. Like I was not the one who comes twice a week to take her to the grocery, to the doctor, to the grave, and to run endless errands. Like all my energy, efforts and giving were in vain!

It is hard to swallow having to hear it, and having it smacked me in the face how the other sister “did it all” while she lives in another State! Where is the logic? Where is the truth? Where is justice?

I think I’m petty, but somehow it hurts to get pushed over, not recognized, and taken for granted.

There, there is my heart! I open it for you! Do whatever you want with it!

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8 Responses to Open Heart

  1. I know how hurtful and unappreciative your family is, Icy; They are never going to change. You open your heart up to everyone and they abuse and use you. You do it out of some unexplained guilt and as your friend, I have to say, you have to stop. Don’t let them torture you any longer. Whatever feelings of loyalty and duty you have, lose it…They aren’t loyal or even loving to you….Please, my friend, stop allowing them to do this to you!!!

    • IcyBC says:

      You probably know my answer to all of these: as long as I live here, I am IT, and I will have to carry on despites all my personal mess at home 😦

  2. mrsbearfoot says:

    Dearest Icy, I wish I could wipe away your hurt. I know too well what that feels like. I send you hugs, and just be assured that Jesus sees your love and devotion to your mother. You will be richly rewarded by Him, and He matters more than anything on this earth ever could.

  3. I’m sorry she’s not recognizing all that you are doing. 😦

  4. Yes. There it goes, that mom. Just don’t know now how things could be so backwards. Fly away my dear, and live the way you choose to. All you can do is try.

    • IcyBC says:

      Haha..I believe it won’t be the last time I hear this. It will be more, over and over again and again..

      Just need to find a way to tune it out 😦

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