Random Rant

Pink Cosmos

Pink Cosmos

1) It irritates me very much when I am visiting blogs and they have Disqus or Google + comment form. They both want me to sign up for an account before I could comment, or want me to sign in with either Facebook or Twitter account. I want to do neither. I am already signed in to my blog, and that is the account that I want to leave a comment under.

2) I don’t like blabbing, but I blabbed! I prefer to be quiet, but something came over me and I blabbed non-stop. After realizing this, I beat myself mentally for blabbing.

3) I don’t like surprise visit from out of town relatives! Don’t get me wrong, I love them! But I can’t just drop my every day duties and make myself fit in new obligations.

Surprise visitors are for my mom; not for me, but I am always ending up shuffling my life around to accommodate the visitors. I need to know ahead of time so I can get some what organized and arrange for all other things to fall in my absence.

4) I haven’t been to church twice this month already. It has something to do with my shaky faith and the feeling of overwhelming with problems.

5) I lay around all day Sunday because I was extremely exhausted and in physical pain. After the visitors left, I finally got a day of rest. I allow myself to that privilege and didn’t even take my son to soccer practice.

Joining Nancy for Random 5 Friday!

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19 Responses to Random Rant

  1. ladyfi says:

    Beautiful cosmos. And I agree about number one. I don’t want to have to sign in to Google + to leave a comment.

  2. I am sorry! I didn’t even think about it. I shouldn’t have listened to D! He was the one that wanted to keep it a secret. ugh..I am stupid sometimes. I do understand how you feel. And again, we made your life worst, not better.

  3. mrsbearfoot says:

    I love how you edited your cosmos. It’s beautiful!

    I wholeheartedly agree with you on #1. However, one of my favorite blogs now uses Disqus, so I did create an account for that since I want to be able to comment on her blog. I prefer using my OpenID when I’m out of the WordPress environment, though.

    No surprise visits for me, either. I think it’s our generation. I remember my folks dropping by to visit friends and relatives unannounced and them doing the same with my parents. It was just different then.

  4. I understand your pain on #1, it gets confusing ….especially when I’m signed in to google already and want to comment through that. Beautiful photo edit!

  5. Buttons says:

    Yes Disqus drives me crazy I registered just to read this blog but it does not show my blog as a commentor very frustrating. Your image is very beautiful. Rest when you can everything will work out if you rest and take care of yourself. B

    • IcyBC says:

      That’s the whole point, we want to comment with our blog’s account, not with Twitter or Facebook, or Google + or Disqus account!

      I just don’t see the point of using this sort of comment form!

  6. Beth says:

    i totally agree with #1. i have you beat, on the going to church thingy. i have not been to church for almost 10 years. & my mom makes me know it probably weekly. i just don’t feel what i use to feel when i walk into a church. i find myself & my peace out doors & enjoy being quiet. the church has become a place where folks dress up & show off … so not me. but to each his own, right??! ( :

    • IcyBC says:

      I totally agree with some of what you said about the church, but sometimes I found comfort in the routine and rituals.
      To de-stress, I also like to be outdoors and take pictures!!!

  7. What a lovely photo, a great edit. I’m with you on #1. I have had a few friends switch over to goolge+ comments, and I can’t comment anymore, because I don’t and will not ever have a google+account.

    • IcyBC says:

      It’s just another account that they want us to have..I have one because I write paid ads, but I don’t see any earth-shaking purpose for it 😦

  8. I’m easy going about the whole social media commenting thing — I figure we’re all in this together and have different likes concerning which platform to use to blog on and comment — but I understand your frustration.

  9. Ooh Rants! I love your list and I hope it helps to just get them off your chest♫♪ And I do not think attending church has much to do with shaky or steadfast faith….It is simply between you and God how the Holy Spirit moves ya♥

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