Between Light and Shadow

P1200863-between light and shadow

Summer pushed through autumn and now it has reached the end. After many days of rain, high wind and cold, nature is ready to go into slumber for a while. Cold weather is inevitable. I’ll never be ready, but just throw on a coat and call it a day!


This past month, I am suddenly in touch with two old friends, and it was good to reconnect. Our children have grown apart from being best friends with one another, but for us we still remain friends. We don’t live so far from each other, but throughout the years, life demands our attention on other things.


The ground is now covered with dead leaves and branches but we can’t work on it since it is always too wet to rake up for cleaning. I might have to let it goes until spring if the snow beat us to it first. Otherwise, worry about it is useless at the moment.


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A simple person with a pragmatic soul!
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One Response to Between Light and Shadow

  1. Linda says:

    Wonderful light and beautiful colors. Great composed photo!

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