Clear Blue Sky

Clear Blue Sky

I can’t take credit for this! My camera doesn’t have that capability and I am not that talented 🙂 But yes, I took the photos, one photo of the moon, and the other one with the bird. I played with edit, and merged the two photos together. The result was surprising to see..

Sharing with Weekly Top Shot!


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4 Responses to Clear Blue Sky

  1. kerlund74 says:

    Yes! I think you have done a great work with that editing, you really have the eyes for how to fit it together!

  2. mrsbearfoot says:

    Well done, Icy! This is beautiful!


  3. What a beautiful photo… the colors are gorgeous!

  4. Noriko says:

    Beautiful work with editing. What program did you use? would love to hear. linking from weekly top shot.

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