Frigid Weather

P1220456-icicle1) We had a short week last week! Monday was off for Martin Luther King, and Friday was off because of frigid temperature.

2) I found traces of my son’s madness all over the house one day! Burnt marks on my kitchen table, and “yuckiness” in the laundry sink. Grrr…I just want to wake him up and yell at him…but I didn’t..control, control my temper! I got it under control!

copper hawk3) My young copper hawk has been visiting the neighborhood quite frequently this past week. It was a thrill to see. He/she sat atop the tree in the other’s yard, and kept watch.

4) It has been a cold cold week here in Michigan. School closed for three more days since the wind chill was in the -15 to -20. It doesn’t matter how many layers of clothes I had on, after two minutes I freeze!

P1210848-snow covered

5) My oldest son came home on Jan. 28 after eight months at sea. No, he is not in the army; he worked on the Carnival Sapphire cruise ship as an officer for the food and beverage department. It will be an interesting next couple of months with him home.

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5 Responses to Frigid Weather

  1. Did your son enjoy the experience? I’m such a homebody that I could never do that but I think it would be fun.

  2. Beth says:

    once you son gets up – i hope you can continue to keep your cool. i totally understand … i have to remind myself to chill when i speak to my hubby some times … you feel like you clean & they don’t respect. i get it. totally … but i guess i do some thing that drive him nuts too!! ha. ha!! big big big hugs. ( :

  3. Ah, patience! I exercise it daily. 🙂
    Your son has an interesting job — I imagine he will enjoy his time at home.

  4. kerlund74 says:

    I have nominated you to the “liebster award”, see this post:

  5. He will be sorry he isn’t back on that ship. Instead he has snow that won’t go away.

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