Second February Random

Lumix ZS19Nikon D3200





1) Hooray, pretty soon I will be graduated! Yes, graduate from a point and shoot camera to a real DSLR camera! My oldest son gave me a Nikon D3200 when he got back from his work on the cruise ship.

2) This camera came with a deep sentimental attachment to him and that is he remembered how I had to sell my camera equipments before in order to have enough money to take care of his younger siblings after my divorce.

DSC_0181-chicken curry

3) I am not a graceful receiver! I moaned and groaned in worry that he has spent way too much money on me, and that I will destroy this fancy camera.

4) The snow banks around my area are up over my knees for me to go out and experiment with my new toy. Come on, warm weather; I can’t wait!

DSC_0149-chinese broccoli5) I have to learn, and I have to read the manual of this Nikon D3200 in order to know how to really use it. I won’t give up my point and shoot though. It has been my life line for so many years already.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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12 Responses to Second February Random

  1. Buttons says:

    Oh your son is amazing and it shows that his Mom is too. Oh enjoy you deserve it. Hug B

  2. Snap says:

    What a wonderful son! Enjoy that new camera! Happy Friday

  3. Beth says:

    i continue to enjoy my camera. i know i could so use a better one .. but i think i can master this one. i want a tripod … i want to get to taking pics at night. i need to figure out all the setting. i need to look into a class. that might help. ( :

    Happy ❤ Day!! ( :

  4. What a sweet and thoughtful boy — have fun with your Nikon. I love mine. 🙂

  5. What a precious gift. Take it, say thank you, I love you and use it to it’s full potential. That is what he intended and what he wants to see. Don’t disappoint.

  6. Enjoy your new journey with your Nikon. You raised a generous son.

  7. What a fabulous gift! You will love it! I still use my point and shoot for fast snaps.

  8. Rose says:

    What a wonderful son you have…

  9. congrats on the new camera!

  10. Anita Davis says:

    You are certainly blessed with a son that loves you very much. You are going to have a lot of fun with your new camera.

  11. mrsbearfoot says:

    What a loving and generous son to give you such a wonderful gift! Your photos with your point-and-shoot are amazing. I can’t hardly wait to see what you will show us with your new equipment! 🙂


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