First Of March Random

P1220936-robin1) I am looking into applying to another school for my youngest one. It was his idea and school of choice offers us this opportunity. School of choice is also the reason why we have to look for greener pasture.

2) A day before I had to take my son to the airport, my car exhaust rattled, made loud noise, and fell apart. Being a considerate son, he took the car to get fixed and paid for it also: “I can’t let you get stuck with this problem.

I have to say I must have done something right! And yes, my heart is over joy!


3) The house felt strange with just me and my younger son. It is weird how we get used to his being around in such a short time.

4) My week went by in a blur! From dealing with school opening only 1 and a half hour on Wednesday, to 2 hours on Thursday, to searching for a referee class to register my youngest son, time flied! If he goes through these two days training and get certified; he will be able to ref soccer games and makes some pocket money to spend.

P1220897-starlings5) I had just about enough with commercials saying “hashtag”! It is so irritating to hear. Not all people are on Twitter; so stop it! It’s old! It’s not funny!

Joining Random 5 Friday!


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10 Responses to First Of March Random

  1. HansHB says:

    Beautiful post!

  2. mrsbearfoot says:

    Do I detect an Eastern Bluebird in your first image? 🙂
    Icy, you have such a wonderful son. It can only mean one thing – he has a wonderful mother!

    P.S., I’m sick of “hashtag,” too!

  3. Snap says:

    Sounds like you have wonderful sons. I don’t like the “hashtag” thing either. Happy Friday!

  4. Icy your son sounds wonderful! I don’t tweet anymore but I am on Instagram.. I refuse to use “hashtags”!… anywhere!!

  5. Nice sparkly snow in your first photo! I’m not a tweeter, a facbooker or an instagramer.

  6. I hate when they leave, a week is much too short.

  7. Diane says:

    Not a tweeter! Love the photo of the birds sitting on the fence with the bare vines.

  8. Pretty image of the starlings lined up on the fence… I don’t tweet either other than to post my blog. Have a great weekend! xo

  9. latane says:

    Not being a twitter person I wondered where the dickens hashtag came from. I am sick of it, too!!

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