Second Of March Random

P1220973-gift1) My son came home from Chile with a box of chocolate and some trinkets for me. I know, I have been talking about him a lot lately, but he will be leaving again soon, so you don’t have to read about it much longer 🙂

2) It is March, a bit of relief to think that winter will come to an end soon. As each season begins and ends, there are those tedious chores that come with it. Spring cleaning will begin as soon as the snow melt because I can see lots of debris around the yard.

P1220981-female cardinal3) I finally see this beautiful female cardinal at the feeder after such a harsh cold these past few months. I was shooting this behind a window and inside the house, but she still can sense my stinking human being!


4) I found this box of Red Lobster biscuits at Walmart for about $2.17. They only had two boxes left so I grabbed them all. I made the biscuits for dinner last night, and my sons loved them. I don’t think I will see them again at Walmart.

5) For those of you who hate pop up ads when you visiting a site, you can get the so called Adblock dandy little “thingy” for your web browsers and you’re free! Just go to your browser setting or option, look for add-ons on Firefox and extension on Chrome, search for Adblock and installed.

Happy weekend to all…

Joining Random 5 Friday!


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8 Responses to Second Of March Random

  1. That box of chocolates looks very good and I enjoy your words about your son and Chile! I can’t believe all the stuff our trees have let go in the hard over winter. I do believe I think the female Cardinal is prettier than the male. They sell those biscuits at our Walmart. I saw a lady put a box on the checkout thingie in early winter. I didn’t even tempt myself but now I think I will have to buy a box. CH would love them! Thanks for the tip on Adblock! Good Morning!

  2. **YARD over winter not HARD.. sigh.

  3. Claire says:

    Enjoy time with your boy while he’s home!
    I have the Adblock thingy – it’s the best – pop-ups were driving me crazy!!
    A really great Random 5 and have a fabulous Friday 🙂

  4. Lucky you to nab the biscuit mixes — looks yum!
    How nice of your boy to bring you treats and trinkets. Enjoy him! xo

  5. nicki says:

    You had me at chocolates – the biscuits merely pushed it over the edge of “must go to kitchen and find food”. In my opinion, a mother has a God-Given right to talk about her children – enjoy your time with him and blog away about it. “Those who mind don’t matter and those that matter don’t mind.”

  6. Robyn says:

    Time with your son, birds to enjoy, good chocolate and yummy biscuits, sounds like you have had a wonderful week!

  7. Snap says:

    talk about your sons as much as you like … you birthed them … you can talk about them! 🙂 chocolate — yum! I like cheese biscuits and have a recipe somewhere around here. Happy Friday!

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