Last of March Random

P1230132-friday random

1) I don’t remember when the last time was that I listened to the radio. It probably had been years. Sure the music was on when I traveled with my children, but that didn’t count. I was forced into listening to their music 🙂

2) We are wrapping up the month of March! Whew…spring has to come now and there is no stopping it.

P1230171-birdies at the feeder3) I bought some more bird seeds to fill up my feeders and only a few sparrows and starlings visit it so far. Can’t wait to see the blue-jays and cardinals.

4) I hate to be the middleman, but I am always being put in it without having a say, and I never volunteered. If someone needs something done, I am it! I get assigned tasks. I was told what to do. If someone doesn’t like something, they dropped it off at my house, and I got stuck with it.

I don’t even allow a right to say no, I don’t want it, or leave me out of it. For when I am fed up and nicely asked to be pardoned from the assigned tasks, they all got mad at me.

5) Winter clearance is going on in most stores, and I have found some decent clothing for my little son this week. Other than that and taking my mom to the eyes doctor, it has been a slow week.

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9 Responses to Last of March Random

  1. Robyn says:

    I listen to the radio in the car. The last few weeks I have been to Church and that is the only time I have left the yard.

    March flew by and with calving April will be busy busy around here. Not sure how time flies so fast.

    I hope you see the pretty birds you are waiting for and have a great weekend.

  2. Snap says:

    A slow week every now and then is good! I listen to the radio in the mornings — NPR and catching up on news, plus there are a few fun shows on that I enjoy. But I usually don’t listen to music! Spring is springing and the birds are happy as are the squirrels. I have a squirrel that knocks on the door every morning telling me it’s time to feed the birds (and him). Happy Friday!

  3. I never listen to the radio, I want to hear music I like, not what someone else chooses. I have hoards of grackles and sparrows at my feeders, they are keeping the other birds away. A slow week can be a great time to relax.

  4. I don’t listen to music in the car much. I prefer the quiet and time to think.

  5. Right now I’ve had to resort to only listening to the radio as our CD player needs to be worked on and the one in our van doesn’t work either. Had to laugh about being forced to listen to your kids music. That’s what my mom always says when she rides in the van with me.
    We almost always have just Sparrows at our bird feeder as I don’t think we have Blue Jays and Cardinals in our area. I’m happy with the sparrows though.
    I do agree sometimes a “slow” week can be very welcomed.

  6. I have to admit I am a news radio junkie and have it on all day.
    Interesting observation about you being the clean up person for other’s tasks — I think that says alot about you and your work ethic.
    Happy weekend my friend! xo

  7. Good Morning! I listen to the Oldies on the radio or Sirius. Depends on my mood whether I want some quiet or music. No talk radio/news. Slow week is good.. 🙂 So ready for Spring but other than a wicked Spring storm I don’t think Spring is here yet! Enjoy your Saturday Icy!

  8. Diane says:

    I often listen to Pandora online while in my office but do have favorite radio stations I listen to while driving. Why do people feel it is okay to run over other people? Continue to speak up for yourself, to hell with their feelings as obviously they are not considering yours!

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