Stripes On Back

Stripes On Back
Life comes from the earth and life returns to the earth.

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A simple person with a pragmatic soul!
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6 Responses to Stripes On Back

  1. Beautiful color and texture!

  2. Another lovely texture Icy! Those are some Spring colors to buzz about!!!

  3. kulasazens says:

    Oh so beautiful! Nature’s wonderful wonderful living colors!: )

  4. lisa says:

    The colors are so vivid in this shot. Love the texture too. It screams spring! And I’m so ready for it! 🙂
    Visiting from Texture Twist and Texture Tuesday.

  5. Earl says:

    What a fantastic shot. The coloring bee is just wonderful. Mother Nature is a great artist.

  6. Bees scare me. I got too close to a nest or beehive when I was 4 and was stung 15 times or something and even pictures make me tense up.

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