April Random

P1230258-jojo is an official soccer ref 3-29-20141) My youngest son got certify as a soccer referee last Saturday. This means he will be able to make some pocket money, doesn’t have to work at McDonald, and he will still be shape. Now, my job are to find an assignor for him to get in touch with to get assignments, and the other one is buying referee uniform for him.

2) On April 1st, I went to meet up with my online friend from Canada, and this is the second time we met up in two years. Like before, we had soup and coffee, and talked, and talked. Although we share many things in common, such as our love for taking nature photos, we didn’t do that. We just talked! Don’t understand why we have so much to say when we chat everyday already 🙂

3) We haven’t had Little Ceasar’s Pizza for a long time; and yesterday my son craved for it so I picked up the $5.00 dollars one. I had a piece and realized the pizza has so much less grease than most others. That’s it, Little Ceasar’s Pizza more often now 🙂

P1230250-pretty scenery4) Yard work is not fun. I had three full bags of leaves and that was only for a quarter part of the front yard so far. However, being outside working with a cooler temperature was just fantastic, and has its reward when I look up.

5) Many people express that they hate shopping at Walmart, but it is still always packed with people in there. As consumers, I think we tend to ignore the bad side of Walmart and concentrate on the low prices instead since we all want to save money.

Joining Random 5 Friday!


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2 Responses to April Random

  1. Good Morning Icy! Great news for your son! I used to referee girl’s volleyball in college. I enjoyed it but underestimated the desire to question the ref.. 🙂 Interesting about Little Ceasar’s pizza.. always looking for a less greased up pizza. I am one of those people that whines and complains about shopping at Walmart but it kills me to shop at fancy food stores and pay their prices. I do a big shop at Walmart for the month and buy tasty items ALL month at our fancy schmancy stores.. 😀
    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. mrsbearfoot says:

    Glad you were able to meet up with your Canadian friend! 😀

    Yard work – I need to do that and am not looking forward to it. Our ground is so saturated and mushy right now.

    The good thing (for me) about Walmart, is walking around the entire store (exercise), as we usually have items to pick up at both ends of the place. Meijer is in the process of building a new store in our town, which also happens to be closer to our home than WM, so will be glad to check them out, too. Hopefully they will have competitive prices. As for the other grocers in our town, we only buy what is on sale (if it’s a good price) or something we were not able to find at WM.

    Congratulations to your son, on his referee certification!


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