Last Of April Random

P1040010-daffsTime flies! Spring has sprung and flowers are blooming! It is glorious with dashes of colors everywhere.  Weather-wise, it is more tolerable but some what on the chilly side. I am still wearing my winter coat and gloves.

P1040008-magnoliaThe magnolia trees in my neighborhood budding out in all branches. It is really spring now, and April showers we have off and on every other day or so.

P1040052-dynamo team 2014 U19I have to spend nearly $600 dollars in fixing my car, but at least my fear of driving longer distant is less while shuffle my son from town to town for his travel soccer games.

Mechanics, they know how to dig deeper into your pocket every time! I swear! They don’t just fix one problem; they had to find other things to fix also!

P1040028-my camera equipments

My oldest son, before leaving for his job on the cruise ship, equipped me with zoom lens, and a macro lens. I’ve played with them, but found that I missed many opportunity to shoot when changing lenses in between.

One day-maybe-I can learn to be a better snapper 🙂

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2 Responses to Last Of April Random

  1. Hi Icy! Seeing your daffs makes me smile because ours are all gone and I miss them! So your son plays soccer. We have a nephew that we followed around when he was in high school soccer. We enjoyed it, he never got the hang of it.. 🙂 Such a lovely picture of Nikon goodness.. 😀 I am a Nikon gal too. Enjoy your Springie-ness!

    • IcyBC says:

      My son is a freshman in high school, and he is on Varsity team..Now he has indoor soccer, playing on 2 teams, and also on a travel team…

      Spring comes and now is pause…Seems like the chilly wind monster is back 🙂

      Thanks Pix, for coming by!

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