Wrapping Up

IMG_0120-purple irisWhew…it has been a month since I last visiting my own blog! Lot has happened and I don’t know where to begin.

Summer is a busy time for every one, which school ending activity, spring cleaning, and gardening, thus blogs have to take a second seat! In all honesty, I haven’t really done any of the above much.

I am in fact busy with caring for my 87 years old mother. She needed emergency B12 shots for 7 consecutive days, and has to go through physical therapy 3 times a week since she is getting weak.

The B12 shots will be a continuous thing, but it winds down to once a week for now. The physical therapy is also winding down in the next two weeks.

IMG_0051-purple irisMeantime, my bearded irises are blooming profusely. I love this deep color of purple the most, so I will share them here. Have a great week!

About IcyBC

A simple person with a pragmatic soul!
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4 Responses to Wrapping Up

  1. Hi Icy! Nice to hear from you! Glad things are calming down with your Mom’s health. I haven’t been super busy but blogging hasn’t been a priority. Just can’t seem to get a post up. That is a beautiful picture of your bearded iris. I love iris, they remind me of my Grandma and ours are almost all gone. Their fragrance is all about summer! Take care Icy!

    • IcyBC says:

      Thanks Pix for stopping by!
      I knew you will be the only one left to visit me..and that’s ok too. My heart is not into blogging these days either. By the end of day, I am too tired and too worn out to bother.

  2. ladyfi says:

    Gorgeous flower shots!

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