White Shasta Daisy

IMG_1872-shasta daisy IMG_1617-shasta daisy IMG_1666-shasta daisy


These are some shots of my white Shasta daisies in the garden! They all bloomed at once, and now all droopy at once two.

My flower garden is now officially out of whack. These Shasta daisies and black-eyed Susan flowers are taken over the small area that I have. I will need to dig part of these two plants out and put them somewhere else for next year.



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3 Responses to White Shasta Daisy

  1. mrsbearfoot says:

    Your daisies are beautiful!

  2. Hello icy! Our Shasta Daisies are all bloomed out! These are cool pictures, great macros. I see the middle flower has a little visitor. Hope all is well with you and that you are enjoying what is left of summer. Thanks for the visit to my blog today!

  3. wow! it’s these photos are beautiful. white flowers are always look so fresh too.

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