Weed Flower

IMG_2459-weed flowerIt has been another month or so since I last posted in this blog. Many things have changed, come and went, and continuously evolving. I do what I do best, and that is trying to adapt. Sometime I took on more than I can handle. Sometime, it was assigned to me.

IMG_2488-weed flowerAlong the fence of my driveway, I noticed this pretty weed flower. They had a tint of light purple in them, but for the life of me, they kept turning out blue-ish in color.

Wishing you all a wonderful autumn!


About IcyBC

A simple person with a pragmatic soul!
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3 Responses to Weed Flower

  1. mrsbearfoot says:

    Very pretty and delicate looking!


  2. Good Morning Icy! I am beginning to think weed flowers are the best flowers.. surprise in the unexpected!

  3. selfsagacity says:

    It’s so crazy how beautiful these flowers are!

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