Cactus Flowers

Half the annoyances of life will disappear if one is only patient under them. Almost all the other half will go the same way if one does not worry over them.~~~Frank A. De Puy

(Another type of cactus flowers at the Conservatory! I can’t find the name of these ones. However, the color is beautiful and the shape of the flowers is also very different.)


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Road Side Purple

Right next to that beautiful yellow flowers shrub I saw at a neighbor’s home, these purple wildflowers also caught my eyes. I don’t know what they are and it is the first time I saw these flowers too. I was fascinated by the silver stripe on the leaves. They were different and pretty.


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Crabapple Blossoms

The garden of love is green without limit and yields many fruits other than sorrow or joy. Love is beyond either condition: without spring, without autumn, it is always fresh.~~~Rumi

(Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers out there!)


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Morning Stretch

The life of this turtle is pretty good. He lives in the pond that human taking care of. No need to look for food, or going far to find a mate. He has no threat from other predators. He is free to come and go around the apartment complex. This is his morning ritual. Come up to soak in the sun and exercise. Have a great day!


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Cedar Waxwing

This was my first time seeing a cedar waxwing in person and lucky enough to take a few shots. I haven’t seen a cedar waxwing in my neck of the woods. This was in Ohio where I spent the weekend with my sister’s family. While waiting for everyone to have their fill of the pool, I spotted this bird and I knew I haven’t seen before. I was so glad to find out that it was a cedar waxwing!

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