Mix Colors Carnation

The common carnation colors I saw most often are the solid colors. This one was different and was left at the cemetery. I couldn’t help myself but taking some picture.The colors were amazing with deep dark purple, light pink and maroon with white trim around the petals. If it has to be cut flowers, carnations are what I prefer as they last a long time.

Source: Mix Colors Carnation

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Lamb’s Ear

In my friend’s garden area, she has a huge part of these flowers growing. Upon asking, she told me they are called lamb’s ear. The leaves look fuzzy and rough, but they are so very soft to the touch. The stalks of flowers grow vertically, making them stands out with pretty little purple blooms.

Source: Lamb’s Ear

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White Cosmos

“Earth is a flower in the Garden of Cosmos! And therefore, a flower on Earth is a flower within the flower!” ― Mehmet Murat ildan(So far I have only seen cosmos in two colors: pink and white. I like them both as they are delicate and self reliant. They also seeded themselves and grew in all different places.Last year before I moved, I found one growing by the edge of my fire pit. I couldn’t let it be at an odd spot, so I replanted in my garden area. The heart of cosmos is very intricate and fascinating to see.)

Source: White Cosmos

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Yellow Spider

I spotted this yellow spider on one of my black eyed Susan flowers. It was my first ever to see a spider of this yellow color. If it didn’t move, I would not have notice since the colors are so much alike.It was fascinating to see but the fear of spider kept me staying far back. I took many shots, and this one was the best of the bunch.

Source: Yellow Spider

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Fuzzy Wuzzy

This beautiful cardinal busy collecting food for his babies, but then he decided to hold off flying home with food in his mouth. He was thinking HARD! I followed him and snapped a shot. It is a tiring job looking for food and not get to eat; I understand.I like playing with the photo and added texture to it.

Source: Fuzzy Wuzzy

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