It is that time for me to post something on this blog! The picture you see above was of a moth that came landed right on my path and I was gasping by its pattern on the wings. I found moths are fascinating to see.

IMG_1795-wingsThis beautiful question mark butterfly was soaking in the sun on the brick wall of my house. The wings were tattered all around, but like human, it went on with life surviving as best as it can be!

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Sunshine Flowers

IMG_3207-sunshine sunflowersI am sharing this year sunflowers. I love these colors; they are like sunshine of the summer. Thus, I call them sunshine flowers.

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Weed Flower

IMG_2459-weed flowerIt has been another month or so since I last posted in this blog. Many things have changed, come and went, and continuously evolving. I do what I do best, and that is trying to adapt. Sometime I took on more than I can handle. Sometime, it was assigned to me.

IMG_2488-weed flowerAlong the fence of my driveway, I noticed this pretty weed flower. They had a tint of light purple in them, but for the life of me, they kept turning out blue-ish in color.

Wishing you all a wonderful autumn!


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White Shasta Daisy

IMG_1872-shasta daisy IMG_1617-shasta daisy IMG_1666-shasta daisy


These are some shots of my white Shasta daisies in the garden! They all bloomed at once, and now all droopy at once two.

My flower garden is now officially out of whack. These Shasta daisies and black-eyed Susan flowers are taken over the small area that I have. I will need to dig part of these two plants out and put them somewhere else for next year.


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Mourning Dove

Mourning DoveWe have mourning doves scouting the yard often, and though I have plenty of their photos, shooting new ones inspired me to write a new post. I am strange that way!

Rain has also become a frequent visitor to our world every other day this year, but I am not going to complaint about it either. All is good!

Since blogging has no longer bringing me an income, and I have to make some little money to stay afloat: I am busy writing/posting/taking surveys elsewhere.

However, I still love my blogging friends, so I will check in whenever I have time or when I receive a notification that someone has a new post.

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